Old Things Found Among the Ruins


So we did it. We made the trek from Hood River to Ellsworth. It was strange coming all that distance, moving east along the Oregon Trail, the very path that took the early pioneers west. It was like swimming upstream almost. Going against the grain. Go East young man. For that’s where your future lies.


We’re excited to be in our new house, although we’re still somewhat living out of a box. That will come to an end though. Someday. The movers came and they went and our stuff now sits waiting to be unpacked, dusted off and put away. And we have a whole house waiting for us to figure out how to make it a home. That’s an incredible feeling, you know. When I sit back and think about the history of this place, the stories it could tell, the lives shared, lost and born anew, it humbles me to think that we are now part of the legacy of this land and its buildings. We are somehow grafted into a vine we have yet to discover and married in a way to a past we have yet to unearth. We will be haunted by its ghosts.

There is a lot to do, and yet the boys and I couldn’t wait to get out and explore. The property has been sitting vacant for at least three or four years, and so much of the landscape has been neglected. The trees and bushes have taken over, quietly swallowing everything up. I knew there were some outbuildings at the back of the property that I hadn’t even seen yet, and so I grabbed my chainsaw and began to blaze a trail. We made some pretty cool discoveries along the way. The old manure spreader was pretty neat.


I’ll have to get back there and do more cutting, but from what I can tell the shed is in decent enough shape. I think it was used as a poultry barn in the past. If we decide to have animals I can put this to good use. As for the old equipment? Who knows?


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